Charm Pendant

Design your own Charm Pendant the way you like to wear, In this section you can select the color of thread, chain design along with the Charms you like to be there in your Charm Pendant along with other accessories like Beads / Rings

We will send you all the Accessories separate so that you can make / design your own Charm Pendant at your own as per your thoughts and size.

So don’t wait select the accessories as per your desire and budget.

  • One selection = 1 Meter Thread

  • 1 Selection = 12 Inch Length of Chain

  • 1 Selection = 1 Bead

  • 1 Selection = 1 Accessory

  • Customized Hand Band

    You will get all selected articles separately, which will give you liberty to make your own Charm Pendant as per your wish / design and according to the size of your neck & head.